This Kefir Ice Cream Custard recipe is sweet, creamy, delicious, gut-friendly and just so happens to be made with no added sugars, no gluten and no dairy.

Sounds almost too good to be true, right? And what’s even more exciting: it’s made with just 5 ingredients.

To create the ice cream-like consistency we’ve used a blend of frozen bananas and coconut yoghurt. The yoghurt also helps to create the creamy custard-like flavour. We’ve added cornflour which helps to thicken, and a touch of vanilla and salt to enhance the taste.

The real icing on the cake is the addition of our Nexba Strawberry & Peach Kefir. This essential ingredient creates the delicious sweet, fruity flavour as well as significantly increasing the health benefits.

Our Nexba Kefir is 100% natural with no sugar or unnecessary additives (you’ve probably got the picture that all our drinks are made without sugar and/or any nasties!)

Our signature kefir drink is brewed over 7 days and is fermented from real kefir crystals! It is loaded with live probiotics to support your gut health and keep immunity up. Keeping our immune system functioning at max capacity is more important than ever in the current climate so now is the time to load up on vitamins, minerals and any foods/drinks that support our bodies.

Hold up, what is Kefir?

Kefir is a cultured fermented drink that has a similar taste and texture to that of yoghurt. Traditionally it is made with dairy milk however it can also be made with plant-based milk options such as oat or rice.

Some of the key health benefits (aside from that it is loaded with live probiotics that our guts love) are that it comes loaded with micronutrients such as B vitamins, potassium and calcium.

Many people drink kefir when they experience digestive issues or stomach pains which helps to reduce discomfort. So next time you have a stomach ache, try our delicious Strawberry & Peach Kefir first!

This Kefir Ice Cream Custard tastes very indulgent so can be eaten as a dessert, however, it is healthy enough to eat for breakfast! We love adding toppings such as nuts, seeds or fresh fruit for that extra crunch.

If you want the texture to be even thicker and ice-creamy we recommend freezing for an hour or so after blending. You can then use an ice cream scoop to serve the way you would the traditional dairy variety.

[difficulty] easy
[serving] 2
[time] 5min
  1. Combine all ingredients in a high-power blender.
  2. Start with a low power setting and slowly blend. Start to increase the speed gradually (you may need to stop and stir the mix occasionally if you don’t have a very high power blender). You can also add more Nexba Strawberry & Peach Kefir if required.
  3. Once blended transfer to serving bowls OR if you prefer an even more ice cream-like consistency, transfer to a dish and freeze for an hour or so. Use an ice cream scoop to serve.
  4. Add toppings (optional) for crunch! We love walnuts, fresh strawberries and honey.

Kefir Ice Cream Custard


Posted by nexbaau on 28th Mar 2020



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