There’s nothing quite like a nourishing smoothie to get you back on track when you’re in need of a health kick. 

This Prebiotic Greens Smoothie has natural sweetness from the mango and banana PLUS it has the gut healing benefits of PREbiotic greens and our Nexba PRObiotic kombucha.

Probiotics are becoming increasingly recognised for their gut healing benefits, but what about prebiotics?

Including prebiotics (or a prebiotic supplement) in our diet further supports our gut health. This is because prebiotic fibre feeds beneficial bacteria colonies that help us to fight off illness and improve our overall wellbeing including digestive health, weight management, brain function and mood. There is also evidence to suggest that taking prebiotic helps with absorption of probiotics so taking both is beneficial. 

We’ve included a prebiotic greens powder in this recipe which is jam packed with superfoods. 

[difficulty] easy
[serving] 1
[time] 5min
  1. Combine all ingredients in a blender, blend until creamy.
  2. Pour into glasses, garnish with mint.

Prebiotic Greens Smoothie


Posted by nexbaau on 27th Mar 2020



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