Sparkling Cherry Lime Ice Tea (12 pack)

Nexba® Beverages

Nexbas Sparkling Cherry Lime Real Ice Tea is a tantalising experience that will leave you wanting more! The real infusions of cherry, lime and green tea are guaranteed to give you a unique taste you won’t get anywhere else! 
What makes this real ice tea so great?
This green tea infusion is sure to give you a burst of flavour in the mouth while harnessing the health-enhancing benefits of natural green tea. Enjoy it with friends over ice or straight from a chilled can for instant refreshment. Nexba has also achieved a lower than average sugar contents by using natural flavours such as Stevia leaf extract. 
How does Nexbas real ice tea measure up? 
An average soda usually contains 39 grams of sugar, whereas our real ice teas only contain 17.4 grams which, means you’re also getting around half the total calories as a regular soda! 

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