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Nexba Pineapple & Coconut Tepache 330ml (24 Pack)


Pineapple and coconut – is there a more perfect pairing? Yes! Because when they’re fermented with cinnamon and spices to create Nexba’s version of the famous Mexican brew, Tepache, your tastebuds will have a fiesta. Super hydrating and overflowing with robust probiotic goodness, Nexba’s Tepache is a drool-worthy flavour explosion that’ll also make your gut sing. 

But the best part? This juicy flavour explosion comes with just 6 calories and zero sugar, artificial or GMO ingredients, caffeine, fructose, animal products or weird aftertaste. Phew! Plus you get 500 million live, gut-loving, health-giving probiotics, which tips this epic taste sensation over into the league of the legendary. 

Stuff in the bottle (ingredients): purified sparkling water, naturally fermented tepache (purified water, pineapple juice, sugar*, yeast cultures, apple cider vinegar, spices), Nexba’s Natural Sweetener secret formula (erythritol**, stevia extract), citric acid, natural pineapple & coconut flavours, probiotic culture (Bacillus coagulans). *Sugar is fully consumed in our extra-long fermentation process. **Erythritol is naturally produced by fermenting starches in fruits and vegetables.


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