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Nexba Kombucha 330ml (24 Pack)


Flavour:Mixed Berry

Made with 100% natural oolong tea leaves, live Scoby and brewed for 40 days, our Kombucha's contain no sugar and create a tantalising dance for your taste buds (and your gut buddies) to enjoy! Each Nexba Kombucha bottle contains 500 million live probiotics. Our unique strain of smart and robust probiotics can survive the journey from your mouth to your gut where they promote good gut health. In fact research shows that 85% will reach your intestines intact. Did you know that our probiotics are so tough that they don't need to be kept in the fridge like other Kombucha's! Every bottle is crafted using the authentic way of making Kombucha, enjoying the benefits of live Scoby and real tea leaves.

  • Sugar and fructose free kombucha brewed for 40 days
  • 500 Million smart & robust live probiotics per bottle to support good gut health
  • Caffeine free, zero alcohol, lactose free, gluten free and vegan friendly
  • Nothing artificial, including no artificial colouring or preservatives
  • Australian made & owned


Type: Grocery