Why you need to be drinking kombucha

Kombucha is a refreshing and powerful living health drink. Made by fermenting tea and sugar with live cultures (known as a SCOBY: Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeasts), the fermentation process turns a bowl of sweet tea into a biochemical powerhouse.

But why should YOU be drinking it?

Because this light, bubbly, refreshing drink packs a whopping punch of scientifically proven health benefits.

Kombucha has been found to:

      • Boost your immune system
      • Lower your cholesterol
      • Reduce your eczema symptoms
      • Improve your gut health, thanks to the probiotics
      • Give you an anti-inflammatory boost from antioxidants

And while the below benefits haven’t been scientifically proven (yet!) we hear people wax lyrical about these benefits after drinking kombucha, too:

      • Reduced bloating and belly discomfort
      • Clearer mind (and that’s a whole other world of theory to explore thanks to the gut-brain connection)

Want to read more about it? We’ve got the low down on the benefits of drinking kombucha right here for you.


3 reasons Nexba’s ‘booch is your buddy

1. It’ll give your immune system a boost

We all want to be as healthy as possible right now, and enjoying a refreshing bottle of kombucha is one way to become just that.

The probiotic profile of kombucha has been found to improve your immune system and even potentially stop the growth of intestinal cancer cells. What’s not to like?!

2. It’s a healthy indulgence

Keeping off the colas? Said 'sayonara' to soft drink? Then grab yourself one of our kombuchas. They’re a tasty sweet indulgence without the sugar hangover, and minus any of that awkward sourness that other kombuchas often have.

Even though it starts as a pot of sugary tea, the fermentation process eats up all that sugar leaving a sugar-free, probiotic-packed, delicious drink in its place.

3. It’s completely natural

There’s absolutely nothing artificial in Nexba Kombucha. And yes, that totally includes the natural flavours and preservatives we add.

All our flavours are from natural Aussie fruit extracts, but they contain none of the fructose (sugar) from their original fruit source.

What’s in Nexba Kombucha?

Kombucha is made with tea, sugar and a jelly-like thing called a SCOBY.

When you put these three ingredients together, magic happens. Well, we think it’s magic, but it’s also called fermentation. As the brew ferments, the SCOBY digests the sugar to produce:

    • organic acids - help the body to function
    • vitamins (in particular Vitamin B and Vitamin C) - help bolster your immune system, convert food into energy and repair cellular damage
    • minerals - help build strong bones and teeth and turn food into energy
    • amino acids - help maintain good health and normal body function
    • enzymes - help break down food molecules, like fat, protein and carbs

Plus, and perhaps best of all, it also produces a bunch of happy gut buddies in the form of super powerful probiotic called Bacillus Coagulans. This probiotic is so robust it doesn’t need to be kept in the fridge. And, unlike some other kombucha brands, 85 per cent of our probiotics make it all the way down to where it’s needed most: your lower gut.

At Nexba we ferment our kombucha for 40 days (longer than most other kombuchas on the market). The longer fermentation allows even more time for all the sugar to be eaten, leaving our kombucha completely sugar, caffeine and alcohol-free. Tick!

What’s left is a kombucha that is packed full of goodness and always tastes great, with not one hint of a sour vinegary aftertaste.


The Nexba Difference

Naturally sugar free

While some probiotic drinks still contain sugar, Nexba drinks are independently assessed and contain NO sugar. None, nada, nope and nuthin'.

No artificial sweeteners or ingredients

We use a special blend of NATURAL sweeteners and source only NATURAL ingredients, so we don't need anything artificial in our drinks, ever. Period.

Amazing taste

Some folk think that natural and healthy has to taste bland and blehh. Not the Nexba Crew. We promise full flavour and awesomely delish combos all day, errrry day.

Smart and robust probiotics

Oh, did we mention our superhero probiotic, Bacillus Coagulans? Without need of refrigeration he's capable of making it from bottle to gut in a single inhuman bound.  

Customer Reviews

Sadness and happiness - at the same time!
"Cannot get cinnamon and lime at the supermarket. Not often available online. But when it is.... its mine!!!!"

Shane W.

Very happy
"Fast delivery, taste great. Tried other brands but they don’t compare!"

Luke Y.

"The best tasting Kombucha I've had. Hard to believe it's actually good for you! The price is better than the supermarket and your customer service is top notch. Will be ordering again next month."

Curtis P.


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