The Story

The Nexba story began one sunny day on a Mexican beach, Rio Nexpa. Enjoying a home-made ice tea, young Australian Drew Bilbe was inspired to create a natural, low-calorie ice tea. Upon returning to Sydney, Drew began working with fellow entrepreneur and ‘bestie’ Troy Douglas, to create their range of healthier ice teas.

Known as the Aussie Boys, Drew and Troy founded Nexba in 2010 to offer people healthier alternatives. By 2015 Nexba had won a prestigious Telstra Australian Business Award for innovation and achievement. In July 2016 Nexba partnered with Coles and took a step beyond tea to reinvent soft drinks.

In 2017 Nexba’s range of naturally, sugar free drinks won Product of the Year, the world’s largest consumer-voted award for product innovation.

A major player in the fight against sugar, Nexba’s mission is to be the fastest growing global naturally, sugar free brand. The vision is to transform lives by being the naturally brave brand, delivering naturally sugar free product innovation.