The Nexba Story

Nexba is the Australian beverage company that is leading the fight against sugar. 

Nexba has reinvented traditional soft drinks and launched Australia's first naturally sugar free Cola, Lemon and Orange Sparkling Infusions.

The Nexba mantra is to be naturally brave. Its vision is to transform people’s lives by being the naturally better-for-you brand that engages the next generation to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Founded in 2011, Nexba is the story of two young Aussie boys, Drew Bilbe and Troy Douglas who took the chance to shake up the beverage industry.

The Nexba story began on a beach during a summer day in Rio Nexpa, Mexico. Enjoying a cold glass of homemade ice tea, Drew was inspired to create his own natural, low-calorie, real ice tea to share with friends and family back home in Australia.

Upon returning to Sydney, Drew, then 23, met with close childhood friend and likeminded entrepreneur Troy Douglas, 20, and the Nexba vision was born.

Today, Nexba is on a global mission and is stocked locally in thousands of stores, including Coles Supermarkets, Coles Express, 7-Eleven, Caltex Star Mart, United Petroleum, Chemist Warehouse, and more.

Cheers to that!