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Nexba Iced Tea

Did you know that the average 1L bottle of Iced Tea contains over 14 teaspoons of sugar? Not Nexba's. Ours is 100% Naturally Sugar Free (and tastes EPIC!).

Nexba Kombucha

Packed with 500 million of Nexba's unique strain of probiotics, you can trust that our crafted kombucha will give you good gut feels.

Nexba Tonic Water

Nexba Tonic Water contains all of the good bits and none of the bad. The perfect, guilt-free indulgence.

At Nexba, we never use sugar or artificial sweeteners. Our Nexba Natural Sweetener Blend took us 6 long years to perfect and it tastes just like sugar! Learn more about our secret ingredients.

Our motto is: Epic Taste, No Sugar, Nothing Artificial, No Worries.

Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!

Nexba is proudly owned, made and operated in Australia. We're based in Sydney's beautiful lower north shore and our drinks are made from a minimum of 95% Australian ingredients.

The Nexba Story

Wonder where the name Nexba came from? Well it's got everything to do with a 23yr old Aussie, a bottle of iced tea and... Mexico! Check out the full story.

Where to buy Nexba 

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