How to give up sugary soft drinks

You want to jump off the sugar train. You’re trying to make the right choices. You’ve cleared the kitchen of any temptations. But, a few days go by and then… that craving for an ice-cold, fizzy sugar hit drags you back down.

We’ve been there. Bought the t-shirt.

Thankfully, though, we’ve got a solution for you. A solution that’s already helped thousands of Australians kick the sugary soft drink habit.

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No sugar, nothing artificial

The best alternative to sugary soft drinks

3 simple ways to beat your soft drink addiction

1. Go natural

Switching to a diet drink isn’t the answer. Those diet drinks may not have any sugar in them, but they’re often loaded with artificial sweeteners and other chemicals that mess with your system.

That’s why you need a refreshing and naturally sugar free drink that tastes just right but doesn’t contain any nasties. We know where you can find one - meet Nexba, your new, naturally sugar free buddy.

2. Be prepared

Get ahead of your cravings by stocking up on healthy drinks that’ll make you feel good. Then you’ll have a healthy replacement every time you’re desperate for something sweet. You can bulk buy any of our Nexba favourites right here.

And if you get caught short when you’re out and about, you’ll also find our drinks in 7Elevens, Coles and Woolies.

3. Visualise the sugar

Most nutritionists and dietary bodies agree that we shouldn’t consume more than 6 teaspoons of sugar a day. So one super-effective technique is to picture the amount of sugar in your favourite soft drink every time you’re keen on one. Simply visualising that huge pile of sugar - sometimes as much as 10 teaspoons high - should motivate you to avoid it.

Why Nexba isn’t like other sugar-free soft drinks

To make up for taking the sugar out, most sugar-free soft drinks add in artificial sweeteners, fruit concentrates or sugar alternatives. These may help to make the drinks taste better, but they certainly don’t do your body any favours.

Artificial sweeteners, like aspartame or acesulfame potassium (also known as ace-K, and often seen on ingredient labels as additive 951 or 950), have some nasty side effects and a not-so-pleasant aftertaste. No thank you!

But then natural alternatives, like fruit concentrates or natural sweeteners (maple syrup, honey, agave juice etc) can be just as bad for you. That’s because your body doesn’t know the difference between natural sugar and table sugar. So, they spike your blood sugar, giving you that almighty sugar high, followed by the big sugar crash.

Not us, though!

Our drinks:

    • are sugar-free and fructose-free
    • contain nothing artificial
    • contain no animal products (you’d be surprised at how some artificial flavours are made… ewww!)

So before switching out the sugary soft drink for a diet one, take a look at the label and be sure it’s a healthy alternative. Or better yet, go for a brand you can trust. Like Nexba, with no sugar and nothing artificial, just a really awesome taste.

The Nexba Difference

Naturally sugar free

While some probiotic drinks still contain sugar, Nexba drinks are independently assessed and contain NO sugar. None, nada, nope and nuthin'.

No artificial sweeteners or ingredients

We use a special blend of NATURAL sweeteners and source only NATURAL ingredients, so we don't need anything artificial in our drinks, ever. Period.

Amazing taste

Some folk think that natural and healthy has to taste bland and blehh. Not the Nexba Crew. We promise full flavour and awesomely delish combos all day, errrry day.

Smart and robust probiotics

Oh, did we mention our superhero probiotic, Bacillus Coagulans? Without need of refrigeration he's capable of making it from bottle to gut in a single inhuman bound.  



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