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What does Naturally Sugar Free mean?

At Nexba, we’re all about making drinks that taste great AND do good. Our drinks will always be Naturally Sugar Free which means they contain no sugar and nothing artificial. Guaranteed.   

Our products are also lactose free, GMO free, BPA free, gluten free, vegan and keto friendly. 

The Secret Nexba Blend

Naturally Sugar Free was a rare thing before Nexba came along! 

Six years ago our founders created a patented "I can’t believe it’s not sugar” recipe blend of stevia and erythritol. It matches the feel of sugar on the tongue, tastes just as sweet but has none of the nasty side effects. 

And it’s all done naturally. Stevia is a centuries-old pure plant-based sweetener and erythritol is made by fermenting the natural starches in fruits such as pears and melons. Magic, hey?! 

The Skinny on Stevia  

Stevia is a plant native to South America, where it’s been used as a natural sweetener for hundreds of years. It’s about 250 times sweeter than sugar so we only need to use a teeny tiny bit!  

Our stevia extract is made by steeping the plant leaves in hot water before filtering and drying them. It’s a similar process to how other plant-based ingredients, like vanilla extract, get from plant to product in the most natural way.  
Stevia has no nasty side effects. It’s not accumulated by the body and passes through unmetabolized. Proven to be 100 per cent safe, you get the sweet taste you crave, without worrying about what it’s doing to your body and mind.  

Get Educated on Erythritol

It may sound strange, but erythritol is simply the fancy name for what’s produced by fermenting the natural starches in fruits and vegetables such as pears and melons.  

Healthy bacteria eat the starch and turn it into erythritol, removing all the sugar. It’s the same fermentation process used to make some of your everyday favourites like yoghurt, wine and beer! 
Erythritol doesn't cause an insulin response, won’t cause blood sugar spikes and, unlike some other sweeteners, it isn’t absorbed by your digestion system. So, it doesn’t cause that sudden digestive upset that can take the edge off your sweet day!

Our Magic Probiotics

Probiotics are live microorganisms that boost the good bacteria count in your gut, which in turn improves digestion and immunity. But not all probiotics are created equal 

To really get the health benefits from any probiotic, it needs to make it all the way to your intestines and colon alive. The problem with most probiotics is that they can be a little delicate. Your stomach acid can go to town on the little fellas and not many reach their destination.  But! Nexba’s probiotics aren’t like most probiotics. 

We use a special strain of smart probiotics, bacillus coagulans, that are encased in a hard shell. This means they can survive the harsh PH levels in your stomach and make it to your gut intact. In fact, they’re so robust you don’t even have to keep them in the fridge! 

Natural Flavours and Preservatives

We only use natural flavourings in all of our drinks. And when it comes to preservatives, we keep them natural, too.  

We use naturally derived citric acid and malic acid from foods like oranges, lemons and limes, to keep our drinks fresh from the time they leave us until you crack them open to enjoy. 


Want to know more?

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