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Where to buy Nexba Sugar Free Tonic Water

nexba tonic water

Created with care and dedication, Nexba’s Sugar Free Tonic Water keeps all the complex flavours of a premium tonic water. Meanwhile, it ditches the mountain of sugar and artificial ingredients you might find in other tonics on the market.

Our Nexba Tonic Water is classy and refreshing, and it comes with just the right amount of the bitter flavours you love. 

It’s not only the perfect ‘T’ for your G&T. It’s also the ideal accompaniment to long Sunday sessions, kicking back with friends and basking in the sun.

In fact, it’s so good that you can drink it without adding alcohol, and it’ll taste every bit as delicious. Check out our killer tonic recipes to mix up a tasty treat for party-goers (or just for you!)

There’s more sugar in traditional tonic waters than you think

Did you know that ordinary tonic waters contain an average of 6.5 teaspoons of sugar for every 300mL? That’s the equivalent of 100 calories in every bottle!

For a little context, the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends no more than 10 teaspoons of sugar each day.

So, that one after-dinner G&T probably provides close to your entire recommended daily sugar intake. Two of them will absolutely put you over quota.

But don’t put down your favourite cocktail just yet. Because Nexba Sugar Free Tonic Water is no ordinary tonic.

Nexba’s Tonic Water range

Our Nexba Tonic Water range has no sugar, nasties or preservatives. It’s all-natural, 100% vegan, low-calorie and Australian-made. And best of all? It’s part of an entire range that tastes incredible

Try them all!

Classic Tonic Water 

Like Clint Eastwood, this tonic is a straight-shooter, with flavour that doesn’t mess about and will never go out of style.

Nexba classic tonic water

Lime Cucumber & Mint Tonic Water

As cool as George Clooney, this clean, bright, delicious flavour is an instant cocktail that you can enjoy with, or without, the gin.

Nexba lime cucumber mint tonic water

Cranberry & Hibiscus Tonic Water

As undeniably charming as Sophia Loren, this tonic sure is sweet… but it also comes with a twist of intriguing flavour.

Nexba cranberry and hibiscus tonic water

Buy Nexba Tonic Water

Buy Nexba Tonic Water online and in-store at: 

You can also buy Nexba Tonic Water online from our buds at BoozeBud.


Nexba Naturally Sugar Free sweetener blend

Nexba naturally sugar free

It took us a long time (6 years to be exact) and a whole lotta love (more than we could measure). But that was time well spent, and eventually, we created drinks that perfectly match the taste of sugar, without actually containing any. 

The process wasn’t easy, but we didn’t stop until we created a blend that tasted great AND matched how sugar feels in your mouth as closely as possible.

So now, our Nexba Naturally Sugar Free blend is packed full of healthy sweetness with zero ick factor. It’s a perfect, safe, natural substitute for sugar. 

Every single drink in our range, including Nexba’s Sugar Free Tonic Water, features this top-secret blend.

Try Nexba’s classy, classic and epically delicious Sugar Free Tonic Water today

Get your ice cubes ready, and your glasses chilled. The perfect tonic is just a click away.