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Nexba stockists

Nexba stockists

Whether you’re filling up on fuel or doing your weekly shop, you can find Nexba in stockists all over Australia. Find your favourites and discover new products in our range.


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What makes Nexba so special?

At Nexba, we’re all about naturally sugar free products that taste great and are good for you. 

That means:

  • no nasty artificial sweeteners 
  • no artificial flavourings
  • no fructose which means no maple syrup or honey (which are positively packed with sugar)
  • no animal products (you’d be surprised at how some artificial flavours are made…)

Instead, our drinks contain:

  • purified sparkling water
  • all natural flavours
  • Nexba, our amazing natural sweetener blend
  • no sneaky little numbers you need a chemistry degree to understand

And our live drinks (like our kombucha, kefir and live sparkling water) also contain our smart and robust probiotic.

Nexba Naturally Sugar Free

We’ve spent 6 years perfecting the sweetener blend in our products to make sure it hits all the right taste buds.

Nexba Naturally Sugar free is a blend of erythritol and stevia - both natural, plant-based, sugar-free sweeteners. And together they give the same sweet taste and texture as sugar. 

Smart and robust probiotics

Probiotics balance the bacteria in the gut and may also lead to a range of other health benefits like boosting immunity and lowering cholesterol

But not all probiotics are created equal. 

Nexba’s smart and robust probiotics have been specifically designed to survive the treacherous pH conditions of your gut and actually reach your intestines intact so they can get to work giving you all their nourishing benefits and helping you maintain a healthy balance of good bacteria.