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Welcome to Nexba’s drinks range

No sugar. Nothing artificial. Just good-for-you epic taste.

Nexba drinks

Nexba drinks were born from an obsession with the good things in life.

And by ‘good things’, we mean drinks that have no sugar, are 100% natural and taste out of this world.

But here’s the catch. Good things take time. We’d know. 

  • We spent 6 years perfecting the top-secret Nexba Naturally Sugar Free sweetener blend that goes in all of our drinks. It’s a one-of-a-kind mix that tastes just like sugar, but with none of the calories or potential health impacts.

  • We also spent 2 years of research and development to find the smart, robust probiotics we include in our live drinks. We needed to ensure they’d make it to your gut intact so they can do their J.O.B and give you amazing health benefits. And our live Nexba drinks now have at least 500 million of those bacteria in them – 85% of which we guarantee will make it to your gut alive.

The wait was worth it! Because today, our Nexba drinks range is full of delicious, health-giving, totally natural products that don’t just taste amazing – they’re good for you, too.

What’s in the Nexba drinks range?

Find out more, and shop our range of hella tasty, hella good-for-you drinks.


Nexba drinks kombucha

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Nexba drinks kefir

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Nexba drinks tepache

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Nexba drinks switchel

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Live Sparkling Water

Nexba drinks live sparkling water

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Flavoured Sparkling Water

Nexba drinks flavoured sparkling water

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Soft drinks

Nexba drinks soft drinks

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Tonic water

Nexba drinks tonic water

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And the work doesn’t stop! 

We love spending our time developing recipes, testing ideas and seeing how we can transform sugar-laden food and drinks into healthy, good-for-you alternatives. Our aim is to keep on bringing you new flavours, styles and products as often as we can. 

If there’s a drink (or food item) out there that’s… less good for you than it could be… our mission is to make it better, healthier and even more delicious. 

We’re always updating our range, so make sure you check back regularly to see what’s new.