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Nexba Kefir: Where to buy in Australia


Dairy free kefir australia

Packing a powerful probiotic punch, our dairy free kefir is Australian made and offers more than just a tasty, healthy addition to your shopping cart.

Like a drinkable dairy free probiotic supplement, Nexba Kefir is lightly sweet and sparkling, and comes in a lip-smacking peach strawberry flavour.

It’s also vegan and totally free from gluten, sugar, artificial stuff and nasty nonsense (it just doesn’t need it). And it’s made with filtered water, not milk, so it’s completely dairy free. 

Plus, it comes with 500 million live, smart, robust probiotics and our top-secret Nexba Naturally Sugar Free sweetener blend.

Sound good? Here’s where you can buy our dairy free kefir in Australia.

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Buy Nexba Kefir at Coles Online today, or find it in store at these stockists:

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Is Nexba’s Kefir lactose free? 

Yes! We’re proud to say our Nexba Kefir is 100% dairy and lactose free. As well as gluten free, vegan and contains nothing artificial. 

We mix the kefir water grains with filtered water, not milk like many other kefir brands, so you can be assured it’s the healthiest, tastiest dairy free and lactose free kefir in Australia. 

What’s so great about Nexba Kefir?

The three top things that make Nexba Kefir something special are:

Nexba Kefir water grains

Kefir water grains australia

To make kefir, you need a starter culture of yeast, protein and good bacteria. Aka, kefir grains (called ‘grains’ because they look lumpy and grainy!)

When you combine the kefir water grains with water and sugar, the good bacteria in the grains multiply and ferment. All you’re left with is yummy, probiotic-filled kefir with some great nutritional and health benefits.

Nexba Kefir water grains come from quality stock. We source them from a family business in Utah in the grand ole’ U S of A. This family has been growing cultures for more than two decades, and their grains have been handed down through generations.

Nexba Kefir takes this homegrown family magic, then adds time and love to create the tastiest dairy free water kefir out there.  

And when we say ‘added time’, we mean it. The standard brew time for most store bought kefirs is around 48 hours. But here at Nexba, we know epic things take time (case in point: we took 6 years to develop our top-secret, now globally protected Nexba natural sweetener blend). 

So we practised and perfected the art of crafting a concentrated water kefir product over a 6-day fermentation period. And the result: a delicious, dairy free drink with that characteristic subtle, tart kefir flavour.

Nexba Naturally Sugar Free sweetener blend

Buy kefir sugar free

We also add our top-secret natural sweetener blend to all our drinks to make them naturally sugar-free. 

Like we said above, it took us 6 years to find the perfect, safe, natural substitute for sugar. It took that long because we wouldn’t stop until we found a blend that tasted great AND matched how sugar feels in your mouth as closely as possible.

Our Nexba Naturally Sugar free blend is packed full of healthy sweetness with zero ick factor. 

Smart, robust probiotics

We all know that probiotics like the ones in kefir can be awesome for helping to balance the bacteria in your gut. But to offer any real health benefits, probiotic bacteria have to survive the treacherous conditions in your tummy and make it all the way to your gut alive. 

Luckily, at Nexba, we found a way to make sure that 85% of the probiotics in our kefir make it to your gut intact.

We use a superstar strain of smart, robust probiotics called Bacillus coagulans, which are encased in a hard, protein-like shell. The shell protects them from the harsh pH levels in the gastric juices of your stomach, so they survive their trip through. And that means they can keep on providing all the health-giving qualities you’re after.

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