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The Nexba Crew


Drew Bilbe

Co-Founder & CEO

Drew Bilbe founded Nexba in 2011 with friend Troy Douglas. Nexba's CEO-Australia, Drew holds a bachelors degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering complemented by a diploma in Engineering Practice. With strong leadership experience and a passion for sustainability, Drew heads up the Australian strategy, growth and direction of the Nexba brand.


Troy Douglas

Co-Founder & CEO

Troy co-founded Nexba with friend Drew Bilbe in 2011. Nexba's CEO-Global, his favourite thing is turning creative ideas into sustainable businesses. Troy’s experience as a marketing executive and paralegal inspired his interest in strategic brand management. He oversees everything connected with the strategic global expansion of Nexba.


Dan Talbot

Operations Director

Dan Talbot is Chief of Operations. For more than 10 years he’s worked in supply chain roles across the UK and Australia, encompassing Healthcare and FMCG*. His work has included forecasting, raw material planning, transformation and supply chain management. Dan’s a specialist in demand/ supply management and strategic transformation. He’s worked with Tyco Healthcare, followed by eight years at Pepsico where he ran their SKU rationalisation project to deliver significant productivity savings.


Steve Smyth

Commercial Director

Steve is Chief of Sales at Nexba, driving the revenue growth for the business. Steve holds an undergraduate degree in Marketing and an MBA from Macquarie University. His experience in leading collaboration and alignment in strategy between Australia’s leading retailers and business is leading our customer centric approach. A former Sales Director at PepsiCo, Steve is passionate about having an impact on obesity and joined the exciting young Aussie Boys at Nexba to make a difference.


Taylor Kotlarczyk

Graphic Designer

Taylor Kotlarczyk is Nexba’s Graphic designer, responsible for all product design and the look and feel of our sales collateral. Originally from Ohio, USA, she came to Australia to experience life in another country and understand a different culture. Taylor loves working with the team to find innovative ways to attract Australians to the Nexba product range, offering people healthier lifestyle choices. When she’s not designing you can find Taylor at the beach, working out, travelling or generally just checking out new things.


Mitch Rofe

Operations Executive

Mitch Rofe works within Nexba’s Operations Team reporting to Dan Talbot. He supports the operations area to make sure the supply chain is keeping up with customer demand. Hailing from Sydney’s Cronulla, Mitch is the king of warehousing, logistics and ordering. He knows just how much we have of each flavour, where it’s at, where it’s going and when it will arrive. He’s an integral part of the operations side of our business, passionate about brand growth and driven by success.