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Naturally Brave

To do what we do, you have to be naturally brave and we recognise this trait in many other initiatives that we support including; Surf Life Saving Australia, Polo by the Sea &  David Sampson and John Bacon 2 handed Melbourne to Osaka yacht race. 
Surf Life Saving Australia



At Nexba we are supporting local communities that live out our ‘naturally brave’ mantra. Nexba will give back 1% of sales made between 1 August 2016 and 31 March 2017 to support Surf Life Saving in maintaining and keeping our beaches safe.
Water Polo By The Sea


Nexba Water Polo by the sea
Nexba water polo by the sea Syndey


Nexba are proud supporters of Water Polo by the sea as we join our fellow Aussies to watch the naturally brave play it out by the sea in Bondi Beach Sydney.


Race to Osaka 


Nexba Racing


In March 2018 David Sampson and John Bacon intend to compete in the 2 handed Melbourne to Osaka yacht race. They have been working on this project for more than a year and have gathered a great team together to help them get to the start line. 

Their new boat "NEXBA" is named after the Australian Brand leading the Naturally Sugar Free movement. 

Follow their story #NexbaRacing on InstagramFacebook or Twitter.