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Nexba Kombucha: the facts

Nexba Kombucha

Kombucha – ‘The Booch’ – is a nutrient-packed powerhouse of probiotics. It’s a refreshing, powerful living health drink that’s downright delicious, too.

With potential health benefits like balancing gut bacteria, reducing cholesterol and improving immunity, it’s even more popular because of its tart, tantalising taste.

But not all kombuchas are created equal. And not all probiotics can survive the journey from manufacturing to mouth to gut to deliver all those potential health benefits.

So, what about OUR kombucha? 

Let’s get the facts on Nexba Kombucha nutrition.

Nexba Kombucha nutrition: the facts

Want to know about Nexba’s naturally fermented kombucha? Let’s take a look at what’s in the bottle.

In the bottle/can

Not in the bottle/can

100% natural ingredients

Artificial nasties, GMOs and BPA

Nexba’s Naturally Sugar Free blend of erythritol and stevia

Sugar, fructose or ANY artificial sweeteners

6 calories

Loads of empty calories you just don’t need

500 million live, smart, robust probiotics (bacillus coagulans) that have been purpose-created to survive the journey from manufacturing to mouth to gut

Delicate probiotics that need to be kept refrigerated and won’t make it to your tummy intact

Citric and malic acids, from foods like oranges, lemons and limes, to keep thing fresh

Yucky artificial preservatives that you can’t spell and need a degree in chemistry to understand

The health benefits of oolong tea

The caffeine that comes with oolong tea

A brew that’s been lovingly tended for 40 days

A slapdash 7-day brew

Purified sparkling water

Alcohol, lactose and gluten

100% vegan-friendly ingredients

Animal products

And the boring stuff on the label:

Nexba Kombucha ingredients and nutrition information

How do we make Nexba Kombucha?

So there you have them: the bare facts. And now, maybe you’re wondering how we make our kombucha, and why it’s so special.

Well, we do things the old fashioned way… but we don’t just follow any old formula. 

We’ve spent years of time, dedication and love developing our ingredients and perfecting our kombucha process.

First, we take sweetened, 100% natural oolong tea and a ‘SCOBY’, aka a ‘Symbiotic Colony Of live Bacteria and Yeast’. (And yep, now you know exactly where the weird name comes from!) Then we brew the two together for 40 days.

Most kombuchas only ferment for around 7 to 30 days, but we like to give Nexba Kombucha a bit of extra time. That way, we know for sure that our SCOBY has digested all the sugar in the tea, and only the nutritious stuff is still left. 

And, as a bonus, our kombucha contains no alcohol or caffeine. Talk about healthy!

Finally, once we have our brew, we add 100% natural sweeteners, plus all-natural flavours and preservatives to make sure it keeps until it tantalises your tastebuds!

We keep everything natural

There’s absolutely nothing artificial in our Nexba Kombucha. And yes, that totally includes the natural flavours and preservatives we add.

All our flavours are natural fruit extracts, but they contain none of the fructose (sugar) from their original fruit source. And we use citric and malic acids from citrus fruits like oranges, lemons and limes to keep our drinks fresh right up to the moment you crack them open and enjoy.

Plus we’ve carefully crafted our Nexba Naturally Sugar Free sweetener blend (over 6 years!) to make sure it tastes good and is good for you, too. That means perfect sweetness with no icky aftertaste or weird feeling in your mouth.

Nexba’s super SCOBY – smart, robust probiotics

What about those probiotics? There are a lot of different types – and some of them don’t deal too well with changes in temperature, humidity or acid levels. So how do you know they’ll survive to deliver all their potential health benefits to your tum?

After two years of research and development, we’ve created a SCOBY that packs a punch with a super strong, healthy probiotic profile.

Our Nexba SCOBY has a unique bacteria strain called bacillus coagulans. With its unique protective outer shell, this superhero strain can survive all the changes it encounters along the treacherous journey from manufacturing to mouth to gut.

In fact, testing shows that at least 85% of the 500 million live probiotics in every bottle of Nexba Kombucha will make it to your intestines intact.

These tough little critters are even strong enough to cope with the higher temperatures outside of your fridge. And that means you can store your Nexba Kombucha at room temperature and enjoy it on the go, without compromising any of its nutritious benefits. 

Ready to try a truly special kombucha?

Get your hot little hands on a bottle of epicly tangy Nexba Kombucha today, and you’ll never look back.