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Iced Tea

Is iced tea good for you? 

This summer-ready favourite is refreshing, fruity and oh-so-delicious, but is it good for you? Many traditional iced teas are on par with full-sugar soft drinks, complete with heaps of sugar, artificial colours and flavours, which is straight up bad for you. 

Studies have shown that too much sugar or artificial ingredients (or both, eek!) can be linked to inflammation, which many believe is the root of all disease. On top of that, sugar has been known to sap your energy, negatively affect your mental health, brain power and concentration and lead to more trips to the dentistAh, no thank you!  

The World Health Organisation recommends we consume less than 6 teaspoons of sugar per day. But did you know the average bottle of traditional iced tea contains 5.5 teaspoons in a single serve alone? That’s basically your whole recommended daily intake in a couple of gulps!  

And while old-school iced tea brands might have new diet or zero-sugar versions that are low in sugars and calories, they still contain artificial sugar substitutes like as aspartame or sucralose. Recent research suggests that consumption of artificial sweeteners can be linked to increased risk of conditions like heart disease, diabetes and obesity.  

By now you’re probably thinking “well that settles it then, no more iced tea for me!”. BUT don’t fret! That’s where Nexba comes in.  

Nexba Iced Tea is naturally sugar free. That means it has no sugar and no artificial ingredients, only natural goodness that’s perfectly healthy to drink as often as you like. All our flavours and ingredients are pure, natural and sugar-free, which means they’re not only safe to drink, but they’re good for you too! 

What are the benefits of iced tea? 

With its crisp and refreshing taste, iced tea helps keep you cool during those blistering summer months. Did you know that tea is one of the best sources of hydration, second only to good old H20? Choosing to drink a natural and sugar-free iced tea means you’ll quench your thirst and get a whole heap of health benefits over its sugary counterparts.  

Nexba Iced Tea has two major advantages over traditional sugary iced tea: it’s sugar-free and totally natural. Lowering your sugar and artificial ingredient intake means you’re less susceptible to illness. In fact, artificial sweeteners can actually lead to side effects like increased appetite, nausea and fatigue and develop into more serious side effects like gut health issues, heart problems and even cancer.   

Be wary of labels that say ‘No artificial colours or flavours’, too. The colour and flavour may be natural, but the sweetener it’s made from may still contain chemicals that your body won’t enjoy. It’s a no from us! Instead look for the magic combination of no artificialscoloursflavours AND sweeteners. 

As a general guide, it’s always better to opt for natural ingredients rather than artificial ones. They’re usually going to be less processed, contain less chemicals and be just all-round better for you. Natural sweeteners are essentially plant derivatives that taste like sugar but contain little calories and some health benefits. Unlike artificial sweeteners, they’re not made from synthetic sugar substitutes and won’t contribute to tooth decay and cavities! 

 By drinking Nexba Iced Teasyou’re not only avoiding harmful artificial ingredients, but you’re actually benefitting from its natural, clean and pure ingredients. Made from purified sparkling water, natural fruit flavours, black tea and green tea and Nexba’s Naturally Sugar Free crafted blend, you can trust that you’ll never have to compromise on the taste you love or your health. Magic, hey?!  

What is the healthiest iced tea? 

Nexba Iced Tea is one of a kind. It’s Australia’s first and only naturally sugar free Iced Tea. That means it has no sugar and no artificial ingredients, only natural goodness that’s actually good for you.  

In fact, Nexba Iced Tea was where Nexba all began. Nexba Iced Tea was our first ever product, back in the day when our founders, Troy & Drew, were selling drinks from the back of a van along Manly Beach! It’s natural and sugar-free deliciousness really put Nexba on the map, and it remains a firm favourite at Nexba HQ. 

Nexba Iced Teas contain all of the good bits and none of the bad. We’re proudly Naturally Sugar-Free. You can trust that our Nexba Iced Teas range will always contain: 

  • No sugar ofructose   

  • No artificial sweeteners 

  • 100% natural ingredients 

  • No preservatives 

  • Non-GMO ingredients 

  • 100% vegan ingredients  

Nexba Iced Teas are breezy, refreshing, sophisticated and natural. All without a single drop of sugar. The way refreshment should be.  

Plus, they now come in three mouthwatering flavours: Watermelon, Limoncello Orange and Peach. Grab a bottle (or three!) from Coles and Woolworths today. Win-win-win!  

Is iced tea healthier than coffee? 

Homemade iced tea can contain a high amount of caffeine, making it unsafe for little tummies, caffeine-sensitives, those who are pregnant or anyone just looking to cut back on morning jitters.  

While iced tea contains less caffeine than coffee, just how much caffeine is inside depends on how you brew it and what tea you use. Caffeine consumption is generally considered to be safe in small doses, but some side effects can include anxiety, restlessness, tremors, irregular heartbeat, and trouble sleeping. And too much caffeine can lead to headaches, migraine, and high blood pressure in some people. 

If you’re looking to cut back on your caffeine intake or want to cut it out altogether, Nexba Iced Tea is a great replacement for your iced coffee. While Nexba Iced Teas are made with real black and green tea, the amount of caffeine inside our Naturally Sugar Free Iced Teas is no more than 4mg per 250ml serve (while a standard shot of coffee is 90mg), roughly the same amount as a standard decaf coffee.  

If you’re trying to get a better night’s sleep, you might want to ditch your afternoon coffee. Research has shown that too much caffeine before bedtime makes it more difficult to fall asleep at night and affected your quality of sleep too, so we don’t blame you for wanting to make the shift. 

By swapping your afternoon coffee with a tall cold glass of Nexba Iced Tea, you’re setting yourself up for a great night’s sleep. 

Does iced tea raise blood pressure? 

There’s just something about a nice cold glass of iced tea that makes you sit back and relax. However, traditional iced teas can be full of caffeine, artificial ingredients and sugars which can actually raise your blood pressure.  

If you’re serious about monitoring your blood pressure, ditching sugar and artificial ingredients is a great place to start. Sugary sweets and sodas can increase your blood pressure and hike up your risk of hypertension. Opt for a sugar-free iced tea that’s made from all-natural ingredients. PS… Nexba Iced Teas are always Naturally Sugar Free! 

Another way to monitor your blood pressure levels and take care of your heart health is to watch the amount of caffeine you’re drinking. Most studies show that two cups of coffee per day is generally safe for most people. However, it’s hard to tell how much caffeine is in sugary soft drinks and iced teas, so it’s always best to avoid the full-sugar stuff and go for a natural and sugar free version instead.  

Nexba Iced Teas contain no more than 4mg (while a standard shot of coffee is 90mg), roughly the same amount as a standard decaf coffee, so they’re safe for anyone trying to lower blood pressure! 

Is iced tea good for weight loss? 

While we’re not ones to harp on about weight loss, we understand that it can be the goal for some. Generally speaking, consuming less calories than you burn off leads to weight loss. For some, that means that a low-calorie diet is the way to go when it comes to weight loss. In saying that, at Nexba we’re firm believers that a happy and balanced lifestyle is best!  

Traditional full-sugar iced teas can contain up to 70 calories per serve, and their zero-sugar counterparts also contain artificial ingredients which can actually contribute to weight gain and increase your risk of obesity.  

That’s where Nexba comes in. Nexba Iced Teas are Naturally Sugar Free, which means they contain no sugar or artificial ingredients. Each Nexba Iced Tea contains under 5 calories per serve, so it’s perfect for those on a low-calorie diet. 

Where can I buy Nexba Iced Tea? 

You can shop Nexba Iced Tea at ColesWoolworths7-Eleven and