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An all-natural, sugar-free electrolyte drink: too good to be true?

by Sarah Spence

Whether you call it swizzy, swizzle, haymaker’s punch or ginger water, switchel is an all-star. It’s an energising drink that comes loaded with probiotics, electrolytes and – if it’s made right – a big, bold kick of flavour. 

That makes it a perfect natural replacement for all those neon-coloured sports drinks that are chock-full of artificial flavours and preservatives (not to mention sugar!). Meanwhile, switchel is:

  • just as rehydrating 
  • better for your gut 
  • even more delicious 

And if you’re willing to look for it, you can even find great-tasting switchel that’s all-natural, sugar-free and 100% vegan too.


What is switchel?


Just like its cousin kombucha, switchel is a powerful, living health drink that’s packed with probiotics.

First made in the 17th century, it originally combined apple cider vinegar and fresh ginger, fermenting them in maple syrup and water. All that maple syrup led to a super-high sugar content, making it great for revitalising farmers after a hard day out in the fields. (Fun fact: that’s where the name “haymaker’s punch” originally came from.)

Unfortunately, all that sugar isn’t so great. In fact, the World Health Organisation recommends no more than 6 teaspoons of sugar per day. So while yes, you want to take advantage of switchel’s health benefits, if it’s not Nexba you do need to check the label for that sugar content.

So how do you take a sugar-laden 17th century drink and make it sugar-free, good for athletes and flaming delicious? 


The challenge: make switchel better

sugar free health drink

The Nexba nerds are all about creating delicious, naturally sweetened drinks that are also sugar-free. So we couldn’t resist the challenge of ditching all the sugar in traditional switchel to improve on the age-old recipe.

And we did it! How? We start by fermenting fresh ginger until it’s probiotic-packed (a bit like a kombucha SCOBY). Then we blend the cultured ginger with Australian apple cider vinegar and water and leave it to do its thing for 25 days.

Finally, once the brewing’s done, we add our top-secret natural sweetener blend and extra electrolytes. It’s a unique brewing method that not only results in great-tasting switchel, but also an impressive probiotic profile. Every bottle contains:

There’s no sugar and nothing artificial – just bubbly, refreshing switchel. It’s the only electrolyte drink you need in your gym bag. 

Plus, if you’re managing diabetes and need an electrolyte drink that’s sugar-free, Nexba Switchel is perfect. With zero sugar, it won’t mess with your blood sugar levels. 


What ARE the benefits of switchel?

sugar free recovery drink

Switchel’s ‘good-for-you’ creds come from three superstars - electrolytes, probiotics and ginger.  Here’s the lowdown on how they benefit you.

1. Switchel contains revitalising, rehydrating electrolytes

Electrolytes are vital minerals that play a part in almost all body functions, helping to:

But when we sweat a lot – either through exercise or just on a hot day – we lose electrolytes. And if we don’t replace them, it can cause all sorts of unpleasantness. The apple cider vinegar in switchel comes naturally loaded with potassium-rich electrolytes that are perfect for replacing and balancing the electrolytes in our systems.

Now, sure, you could buy one of those fluoro sports drinks we mentioned earlier. But did you know they contain – on average – 14-19 teaspoons of sugar per bottle? That’s up to three times more than the Word Health Organisation recommends per day!

So on second thoughts, maybe grab a less sugary post-workout drink...


2. It packs a punch of gut-loving probiotics

Our bodies are home to trillions of live bacteria, both good and bad. Probiotics are the good guys – the live bacteria that actively benefit our bodies. 

For example, probiotics help our bodies to digest the food we eat, extract the nutrients AND create important vitamins. They’ve also been linked to a whole range of other health benefits including:


3. It’s an anti-inflammatory

Additionally, the ginger in switchel has been linked with reducing inflammation and decreasing muscle pain after intense physical exercise.


Want some swizzle in your hizzle?

Looking for a 100% natural, sugar-free electrolyte drink to get your body feeling great again?

Switch out your neon sports drink for Nexba Switchel – a refreshing, healthy electrolyte and probiotic drink in one.

Grab yours now.

Sarah Spence
Sarah Spence



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