Halloween "Spider" Recipe

by Hannah Singleton November 08, 2018

One sip of this ice cream soda aka "spider" and you'll be transported straight back to your childhood. 

Spider with Nexba cola

The only difference is this one is made using our Nexba cola which contains no sugar and nothing artificial (and only 5 calories per serve!). We've paired it with a low calorie dairy-free coconut ice cream for the ultimate healthified spider! And trust us, there is absolutely zero compromise on taste here. 


Servings 1. 

1 1/2 cups Nexba Cola 
1-2 scoops sugar-free coconut or vanilla ice cream 


  1. Place a spoonful if ice cream at the bottom of a milkshake glass.
  2. Pour Nexba cola over the ice cream.  
  3. Top with additional scoop of ice cream (optional). 
  4. Serve and enjoy.

Hannah Singleton
Hannah Singleton


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