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Nexba Tepache - the stuff of legend

by Sarah Spence

Bored of the 'booch? Up to here with kefir?

Then it's time you met tepache. This feisty and flavourful fermented drink is sweet but spicy, the perfect pick-me-up to zap your tastebuds into shape. 

And best of all? It comes with the health benefits of gut-loving probiotics and nutrient powerhouse pineapple.


Tepache origins

Tepache originated in Mexico

Mayans are probably best known for building awe-inspiring pyramids, but they liked to have a good time too. In search of a tasty drink to celebrate their engineering achievements, one enterprising Mayan decided to experiment.  

They popped some corn in a jar, added sugar and water, and left it for a few days. The corn fermented, creating a bubbly brew that they imaginatively named  ‘tepiātl’, meaning ‘drink made from corn’. And before you could say 'fiesta', the Mayans had themselves a national drink.

Later, brewers discovered that using pineapple rinds gave them a much tastier brew. All of which turned tepache into the probiotic-filled, pineapple flavour explosion that people still enjoy today across Mexico and the USA. 


What’s so good about tepache?

nexba tepache good for your guts

Aside from being delicious and refreshing, tepache is a powerful living health drink, similar to kombucha.

Fermenting the pineapple rind with a symbiotic culture (basically a community of bacteria and yeasts that looks a bit like a mushroom-y pancake) turns the natural wild yeasts and bacteria into a biochemical powerhouse. 

During fermentation, the bacteria scoffs all the natural sugars, producing a whole bunch of goodness including organic acids, vitamins (in particular, Vitamins B and C), amino acids and enzymes. 

Perhaps best of all, the process encourages super-powerful, gut-friendly probiotics to grow.


The power of probiotics

Your body contains trillions of live bacteria, both good and bad. Probiotics are the good ones that provide real health benefits. 

For example, they help you to digest the food you eat, extract nutrients AND create important vitamins. Research has also suggested they have a whole range of other health benefits including:


Awesome taste. Awesome health benefits

Oh, and that pineapple? It’s not just there for flavour. Pineapple is loaded with vitamins, nutrients,  antioxidants and enzymes, including the superstar bromelain

Bromelain has been linked to some impressive health benefits, including improving digestion, boosting immunity and suppressing inflammation.


The Nexba difference

nexba tepache made with pineapple

We like to do things a little differently around here, so we took the traditional sugar-laden recipe and gave it the Nexba treatment. We start with Queensland-grown pineapple rind, hand prepare it, and ferment it for 35 days to give it more flavour. This also allows the bacteria in the fermentation culture time to chow down on all the sugar.

Then we amp up the taste-o-meter by adding traditional, organic Sri Lankan spices, and finish with just the right amount of our 100% natural sweetener blend

We’ve designed the entire process to maximise flavour and minimise alcohol content (which is below 0.5%, just like ginger beer).

The result?

A unique, spicy-sweet, 100% natural drink, with no sugar and nothing artificial. 


Which probiotic are you drinking?

While we love us a big, bold flavour bomb, we’re also big fans of packing as much of a nutritional punch as possible - even down to the probiotics we use in our drinks.

While research shows different strains of probiotic bacteria have different effects, many probiotics haven’t yet been researched at all. Every bottle of Nexba Tepache contains 500 million smart, robust Bacillus coagulans bacteria, which have been scientifically shown to:

  • improve gut health (1,2,3,4,5)
  • improve blood insulin levels (6)
  • improve cholesterol (7)
  • assist diabetes (8,9,10,11,12,13)
  • enhance muscle recovery (14,15,16)
  • improve the ability of patients with arthritis to walk further (17,18,19)
  • boost immunity (20,21,22)
  • potentially improve feeding intolerance in infants (23
  • reduce abdominal pain and GI issues (24,25,26)
  • improve constipation (27,28)
  • improve gut inflammation (29,30)

PLUS. Many probiotics can’t survive the acidic trip through your stomach to get to your gut (which is where they do their jobs). Bacillus coagulans is our secret weapon against stomach acid. It’s so robust that you don’t even need to keep Nexba Tepache in the fridge!


Ready to grab your ticket to the tepache flavour fiesta?

What are you waiting for? Grab some Nexba Tepache now.

Sarah Spence
Sarah Spence



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