Nexba Partner with Domino's 🍕

by The Aussie Boys

We're proud to announce that Nexba has partnered with Domino's to produce Next Gen, a Naturally Sugar Free soft drink with no sugar and nothing artificial! 

Initially, the range is to include Next Gen Lemon and Next Gen Cola and will be rolling out nationally so keep an eye out for Next Gen when you next order Pizza at Domino's!

Next Gen Dominos Crafted By Nexba

Domino’s Australia/New Zealand CEO Nick Knight said, “We know our customers want choice; they want to consume items that are better for them, which is why we launched the Next Gen range because they contain zero sugar and nothing artificial.

“There is an appetite for product choice like this; in testing, Next Gen sold on par with our existing soft drink range, so we are very excited to launch this in our NSW market. 

It has been our dream for the past two years to make our entire menu preservative free and we are so close to completing this as 96 per cent of our menu now has no artificial colours, flavours and preservatives and the launch of Next Gen is the next step in this process," Knight said.


Nexba partner with Dominos

The Aussie Boys
The Aussie Boys