NEW Nexba Sparkling Mineral Waters have arrived at Woolworths!

Posted by nexbaau on 1st Mar 2021

1st March 2021
Nic Florido

Meet your new main squeeze: Nexba’s Naturally Sugar Free Sparkling Mineral WatersThese pretty bottles are your new go-to’s for light and luscious sips with brunch, lunch, dinner and beyond. Whether you’re heading to a family BBQ or just want to add a little oomph to your evening sipsthese heavenly refreshing mineral waters have got your back.  

What is Mineral Water? Is it healthy?

If you’re not exactly sure what mineral water is, let us break it down for you. Mineral water is just pure water packed with minerals (surprise!) that occur naturally. So yep, it’s different to plain old tap water.

By definition, mineral waters must contain at least 250 parts per million (ppm) “total dissolved solids,” originating from “a geologically and physically protected underground water source.”

So to you and me, that means the water has to come out of the earth already brimming with minerals. This is why it’s important to keep track of the water source and how that water then makes its way into your shopping trolley. In short, mineral waters must come from a natural, geological water source untouched.

Wondering what minerals this wonder water actually contains? The most common ones include magnesium, calcium, sodium, and zinc, which interestingly are all minerals our bodies don’t produce on their own.

Recent studies show that mineral water is actually a pretty effective way to boost your mineral intake. Who’d of thought it hey!?

What’s so special about Nexba Mineral Water?

Sourced from Cottonwood Springs in Ballarat, Victoria, our Sparkling Mineral Water develops its delicate yet distinct flavour through its natural carbonation process. The pure and natural water flows through layers of rock alongside the extinct volcano Mt Warrenheip to create a drink that’s full of important minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium.

Calcium supports bone health, magnesium helps boost energy and potassium is a wonder kid in helping to reduce blood pressure!

Then we add Nexba’s infamous Naturally Sugar Free Sweetener Blend and the natural flavours of summery orange, mango, kiwi fruit and raspberry and there you have it: bubbles that tastes like pure bliss. Inspired by sunny afternoons and holidays up the coast, we’ve captured bright, fruity flavours that subtly soar to bubbly new heights.


Bask in the golden gleam of this tangerine dream. Juicy Aussie mango meets bright citrus orange for a bubbly blend that’s pure, real and 100% natural. Get yours from Woolies now!


Cheery kiwi and tart raspberry pair perfectly for a taste that’s truly one of a kind. Naturally flavoured and sourced, this balanced blend of bubbles creates a lively sip you’re sure to love. Get yours from Woolies now!