Naturally Brave Story - Oscar Peter

by The Aussie Boys

What does it mean to be #NaturallyBrave? In celebration of the launch of Australia's first #NaturallySugarFree soft drinks, Nexba is sharing a series of Naturally Brave stories from the brave people who keep our beaches safe. 

Our 10th story comes from Oscar Peter - Bronte SLSC 

Oscar Peter's Naturally Brave Story 

Oscar’s definition of naturally brave comes easily to the 15 year old patrolling member of Bronte SLSC, he knows it is being able to step into a situation when no-one else will, that when a danger or hazard or someone in trouble is identified, that you don’t stop to think about it – you just help!  Oscar believes the effort he makes helping the community is made simple and easy thanks to the friends that surround him as other surf life savers.  It is at Bronte SLSC that Oscar learned to surf in the companionship of friends who taught him the skills which he now puts regularly to use. Surrounded by such camaraderie, it makes it easy to be naturally brave and look out for others. 


The Aussie Boys
The Aussie Boys