Naturally Brave Story - Karen Sheppard

by The Aussie Boys

What does it mean to be #NaturallyBrave? In celebration of the launch of Australia's first #NaturallySugarFree soft drinks, Nexba is sharing a series of 'Naturally Brave stories from the brave people who keep out beaches safe. 

Our third story comes from Karen Sheppard - volunteer lifesaver, North Bondi SLSC

Karen Sheppard's Naturally Brave Story

As a Patrol Captain, Karen Sheppard knows that she performs a vital service to the community by keeping beachgoers safe. Karen doesn’t see herself as naturally brave, but as someone who is performing the duty they are trusted and relied upon to perform. In April of this year, Karen and her patrol successfully rescued 15 ocean swimmers from the treacherous waters of the northern end of Bondi Beach. Providing direction and keeping calm in the process, Karen was able to command her team to ensure the rescue was successful and all swimmers and surf lifesavers made it back to shore safely. Whilst it took a lot of composure and courage for her and her crew to enter the water that day, she acknowledges that her confidence comes from playing her role as a surf lifesaver and the training she has received throughout her tenure to successfully rescue patrons and perform first aid. All up, a tremendous rescue was undertaken in dangerous conditions that Karen was able to navigate successfully and without increasing the already present risks of the situation.  

Karen might not see herself as naturally brave but we certainly do!

The Aussie Boys
The Aussie Boys