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Nexba announced as official drinks partner of National Backyard Cricket Day!

by Nic Florido

Proudly raising funds for the Batting For Change charity

has been a proud partner of The LBW Trust and Batting For Change charity for over 4 years now, and we’re thrilled to be the official drinks partner for the thousands of Aussie’s who’ll be picking up their bats for a game of National Backyard Cricket this January 31st! All in the name of raising money for the amazing charity work of Batting For Change.  

What is National Backyard Cricket Day and how do I get involved? 

National Backyard Cricket Day is a day to take time out with family and friends, enjoy a game of backyard cricket and support an amazing cause. The official game day is 31st January 2021, but you can grab a group of friends and head out to the park, beach or backyard for a game of cricket anytime in the month of January.  

By officially registering your backyard cricket game, you’ll be raising money to support Batting for Change. Each registration donates $20 directly to the charity and every game makes a difference!  

Just $50 funds the college entry fees for a deserving student living in poverty in Odisha, India. And $500 allows a teacher to achieve tertiary education in Kathmandu, Nepal.  

Batting for Change? Where will my money go? 

Founded in 2013 by former Sydney Sixers and Sydney Thunder batsman Ryan Carters, Batting for Change began as a vision to bring cricket-lovers together in order to level the global playing field in education.  

Since 2013, Ryan and his team have raised over $1million which has funded the annual education of over 1,000 students from developing cricket-playing nations including India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, South Africa, Tanzania, Indonesia and Afghanistan.

100% of donations from the fundraising efforts of National Backyard Cricket Day will go directly to Batting for Change and supporting their education projects around the world! 

How are
Nexba getting involved? 

As well as donating thousands of our delicious Nexba drinks to related events, the Nexba team will also be donating 5 cents for every Nexba product sold in Woolworths during January 2021 directly to the National Backyard Cricket fund!* 

The Nexba Team also got out and about on the cricket field recently to take part in the Batting For Change Corporate Cricket tournament and raise more money for the incredible charity! Check us out below 👇

From our performance on the day, we aren’t about to give up our day jobs! But we do have some tips up our sleeve for all aspiring backyard cricketers...


The 10 undisputed rules of backyard cricket

  1. Teams should be balanced in terms of numbers, abilities, ages and... number of drinks consumed.
  2. The dog doesn’t count as a team member, but if he does gets hold of the ball, it is the bowler’s responsibility to clean the slobber.
  3. Wheelie bins, esky’s and milk crates are the only acceptable wickets and only new tennis balls may be used.
  4. First ball not out (sorry, we don’t make the rules!).
  5. Sledging is encouraged but swearing is strictly prohibited. Bonus points for creativity.
  6. Thongs must be worn at all times (stubbed toes are no excuse for a missed catch).
  7. If the ball goes over the fence, that’s an automatic 6 runs. BUT it’s the batsman’s responsibility to retrieve the ball.
  8. Only players aged under 15 may bowl underarm. Harsh, we know!
  9. A batsman must retire if any ball: dents the car, smashes a window, knocks over a drink or food of any kind or hits a small child and causes tears (it's only fair).
  10. The game is officially over when lunch is ready. Paired with a Nexba of course.

* Period includes Monday January 4th - Sunday January 31st 2021 only. $0.05 charity donation per product sold will be capped at $15,000. Eligible products include any Nexba 1L drink or 4-pack multipack only. Only eligible on Nexba products purchased at Woolworths. 

Nic Florido
Nic Florido



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