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Cucumber, Lime & Mint Water

by Hannah Singleton

A refreshing and flavourful water infusion that tastes as good as drinking a cocktail - with none of the guilt or pesky hangover. This simple yet satisfying cucumber, lime and mint water recipe is almost as easy as pouring yourself a glass of water, just a lot more fun.

Nexba Cucumber Lime & Mint Water


Why is water so important?

Water is essential for so many bodily processes including:

  • energy production
  • neurotransmitter function
  • keeping stress hormones in check
  • healthy immune function
  • healthy kidney function (and prevention of kidney stones)
  • flushing toxins
  • eliminating waste from our body

The benefits of adequate hydration are also very visible externally by looking at the health of your skin.

A bit on hydration

Naturally flavoured waters or water infusions are a great way to ensure you are drinking enough h20 throughout the day.

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated, yet so many of us are chronically dehydrated.

There are a number of symptoms associated with dehydration that in some cases can be debilitating. These include:

  • extreme fatigue
  • headaches
  • migraines
  • acne
  • brain fog
  • irritability
  • depression
  • constipation
  • increased vulnerability to infection

Many people fail to notice they're not drinking enough water until they get a headache, but by the time you have a headache, you are already severely dehydrated!

Tips to stay hydrated

  • Drink a minimum of 1.5 litres of water per day
  • Invest in a good quality water filter to minimise contaminants such as toxic chemicals and parasites
  • If you find it difficult to drink enough water, try making it more interesting by infusing with lemon, lime, cucumber or mint (or better yet let us do the work for you and try one of Nexba's Flavoured Sparkling Waters!)
  • Be aware of when additional hydration is required, for example, in extreme heat, if you’re heavily exercising, when consuming alcohol and caffeine
  • Invest in a reusable water bottle that you carry around religiously (repeat after me: phone, wallet, keys, water)

Nexba Cucumber Lime & Mint Water

Nexba Sparkling Water is available in a range of flavours including:

  • Lemon and Lime
  • Coconut and Mango
  • Watermelon, Cucumber and Mint

They’re 100% natural, sugar free, and unlike other sparkling waters they don't 'hint' at anything - they're positively bursting with naturally sweet ingredients and full-on-flavour.

Nexba Cucumber Lime & Mint Water

For a guilt-free afternoon or evening drink, try Nexba sugar free Tonic Waters; they’re so delicious you won’t even miss the gin.

Not only will you be eliminating the dehydration that can come after a few G&Ts, but you’ll also be passing on the sugar.

Lots of people are shocked to know that tonic water contains more than 6 teaspoons of sugar on average! As you can imagine that really stacks up if you’re drinking a few G&Ts on a night out. Nexba Tonic Waters, on the other hand, has no sugar whatsoever (but with zero compromises on taste).

    With a drink as delicious as our cucumber, lime and mint tonic there's no excuse to ever be dehydrated again!

    Detox Cucumber, Lime & Mint Tonic Water


    Servings 1

    1 handful ice cubes
    250 ml Nexba cucumber, lime and mint tonic water
    1/2 lime, freshly squeezed
    2 cucumber ribbons
    Lime wedges, to garnish
    Fresh mint leaves, to garnish


    1. Place ice cubes in a serving glass.
    2. Pour over Nexba tonic water and a squeeze of lime juice, give it a mix.
    3. Garnish with cucumber ribbons, lime wedges and fresh mint leaves.

    Hannah Singleton
    Hannah Singleton


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