2016 Telstra Business Awards!

by Brock Goodhill

Small businesses across the country will again have their chance to be recognised and rewarded as nominations open for the 2016 Telstra Business Awards.

And you don’t need to be a flashy fintech industry disruptor to win -- last year’s startup winners included a personal trainer, podiatrist, plumber and, of course, Nexba!

There are four other Award categories businesses can enter in each state and territory:

  • New Business Award -- formerly Start-Up (operating for one to three years with up to 500 employees)
  • Micro Business Award (with five or less employees)
  • Small Business Award (with more than five and up to 50 employees)
  • Medium Business Award (with more than 50 and up to 500 employees)

The winner of the Telstra Business of the Year Award, both state and national, can come from any of these categories, and has commonly come from the Start-Up division.
The winners will share in cash grants and business services worth up to $800,000, with prizes divided between the state/territory and national recipients.

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Brock Goodhill
Brock Goodhill