The Secret Life of Mr. Smith

by Drew B

As some of you might know, there’s something a little special about our flavours….I’m not talking about the fact that they taste pretty amazing, I’m talking about how they are created.

You see, at Nexba HQ we’ve got someone we like to call the ‘Flavour Whisperer’, spending all day tweaking and refining recipes to come up with the prefect combination of fruit infused Ice Tea’s……..Yep that’s Mr. Smith! 

With plenty more tricks in his bag, we’re expecting big things from Mr. Smith in 2014, including some game changing new flavours outside of Ice Tea!!

So while Mr. Smith’s identity remains a closely guarded secret, he’s definitely a big part of the team, working hard behind the scenes at Nexba HQ.

Signing off for now,



Drew B
Drew B