Nexba the Muse

by Drew B

14 April 2015

We were thrilled to come across an amazing artwork of Nexba Watermelon Ice Tea by Brisbane-based artist and illustrator Tracey Fletcher King!

We're adding 'muse' to our Watermelon Ice Tea's list of accomplishments! Move over Zoolander. 

From the Tracey Fletcher King website: 
So I was going to be heading into the studio with a touch of trepidation this morning but luckily I was at the shops yesterday I saw this nexba iced tea tea, watermelon and great packaging means it was the holy trinity of must buy for me
three of my favourite things in one lovely can... how could it not be great so instead of my usual pot of tea.
I started my studio day this morning with this tin of wonderfulness and I sailed into a sketch of it with ease and before I knew it the paint was going down with ease. It is bloody delicious and actually tastes like real tea and it was fab to draw, so all round a great start to the day!

Check out her full range of artwork here.


Drew B
Drew B