Packaging of the World: Nexba Design Recognised

by Drew B

23 March 2015

Packaging of the World have featured Nexba on their website to showcase the design of our ice tea can range! Here, we share the story of how Nexba's first product range came to be, and how environmental concerns fuelled our innovation and drive to create an epic product! Read the full review below. 


Designed by Nexba in-house team

Artwork: Alex Lehours

Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work

Location: Australia Packaging

Material: Slim-line aluminium can


Nexba is a young, fresh challenger beverage brand founded by two entrepreneurs in their 20's. The design challenge for this product was to create a fresh, engaging, youthful product that expresses the brand's challenger status and is visually different to multinational competitors such as Lipton and Nestea.

Very few design limitations were imposed- colour, printing, patterns, fonts were all up for discussion.

We commissioned Sydney-based street artist Alex Lehours to create flavour-inspired artwork that wraps around the can. The graffiti-style graphics add instant personality and street-cred, while challenging traditional tea packaging on the shelf. In addition, we reached out to our social media community to help name the products, such as 'Brewnette' and 'Life's a Peach.'

The final design is printed on a slim-line matte aluminium can which is environmentally friendly and visually offers instant differentiation from established competitors. Nexba is now stocked in over 3000 outlets around Australia and the Asia Pacific region, including Coles, 7-Eleven, Caltex Star Mart and school canteens. It remains a start-up, with a team of five full time staff members.

What's Unique?
At the time of launch, Nexba was the first iced tea in a can. Existing brands used PET plastic and very dated, tea-inspired visuals. Our brand is against landfill and seeks to create all natural, low-calorie products that are low on sugar but big on personality and flavour. Nexba's design is unique in a PET-saturated market and appeals to 15-35 year old trend-conscious consumers, looking for healthier drinks. 

Read the full story here.

Drew B
Drew B