Epoch Times: Nexba's Next Big Step

by Drew B

25 February 2015

We're honoured to have a follow-up article about Nexba in the Epoch Times this week. As we step into exciting opportunities on new shores and work towards our goal of being the fastest growing beverage brand in the Asia Pacific Region, we're exciting to share our story!

Nexba’s Next Big Step

When friends Troy Douglas and Drew Bilbe first decided to launch Nexba- a natural, low sugar beverage brand- they set their sights high.

“Our vision for Nexba is help people drink better- in a healthier and fun way,” says Douglas, who has always been passionate about creating a brand that will leave legacy.

Now, four years after launching Nexba’s natural ice tea range, the young entrepreneurs are celebrating a major milestone: launching in Coles supermarkets nationally and trial expansion into the Asian market.

“The last three months have been our biggest yet,” says Drew Bilbe, Co-founder and Operations Director. “We’re still pinching ourselves.”

Nexba launched in Coles supermarkets around Australia in take-home 4-packs in November, and have seen exponential growth ever since. The range includes three flavours of ice tea- Watermelon, Life’s a Peach and Sparkling Cherry Lime- and a natural cola infused with green coffee extract called Brewette. The range is all natural, low-calorie and preservative free.

The demand for healthier ice tea like Nexba has spread far beyond Australian shores. Nexba is being trialed in Singapore and Hong Kong, two markets Troy and Drew say love their natural ice teas.

“Taking Nexba to Asia has always been a goal of ours and we’re seeing a great response. Our flavours are so unique and people really want to support our young Australian business,” says Troy and Drew.

So what does 2015 hold for the ice tea kings? Bigger and better. “We want to focus on making Nexba more available than ever, and pursuing growth in Singapore and Hong Kong,” they tell Epoch Times.

Watch this space.

Find Nexba in Coles supermarkets ($8.90 for a 4-pack) or visit www.nexba.com.au

Drew B
Drew B