Coles Blog: Nexba Has Arrived!

by Drew B

25 November 2014

By popular request, we’re excited to announce Nexba has arrived at Coles!  Founded by two Aussie entrepreneurs Drew and Troy, Nexba is a natural, low calorie drink, that’s big on taste!

Choose from three delicious flavours:

  • Watermelon Iced Tea: Natural watermelon juice infused with a green tea base for a refreshing twist – best enjoyed from the ice bucket on a hot day!
  • Life’s A Peach Iced Tea: Packed with the fresh & quenching sweetness of real peach flavour brewed with green tea extract – low sugar, fruity & delicious!
  • Brewnette: Australia’s first natural cola infused with Green Coffee Extract. It’s only 99 calories per serve with natural caffeine for a gentle boost.

Nexba’s arrival at Coles will see it’s production rise from 1 million cans in 2013/14 to 3 million this year, so the good news continues for these two friends from Sydney!

Look out for the Nexba range in your local Coles & Coles Express or click over to shop.coles.com.au.  

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Drew B
Drew B