My Business Radio: How to Supercharge a Meeting

by Drew B

17 December 2014
Nexba founders Drew Bilbe and Troy Douglas tell My Business Radio about their top tips for supercharging a meeting.

Troy Douglas and Drew Bilbe founded Nexba in their early 20′s. In three short years, the young entrepreneurs have built Nexba into the fastest growing beverage brand in the petrol and convenience sector, and launched in Coles supermarkets nationally this month.

Troy and Drew credit Nexba‘s success to strong relationships and the ability to thrive in meetings.

Here are their tips for supercharging a meeting in six steps.

Prepare.“Never enter a meeting without knowing what your ideal outcome is. Knowledge is key, so be transparent and listen carefully to ensure you put yourself in their position. Be mindful that it’ll be different for every person you meet. If you lose track of your mutual goals the meeting is probably not worth your time. And for small businesses, every interaction and meeting counts.”

Excite. “Transfer your energy and excitement about the brand to those in the meeting. For a small business like Nexba, you are the face of the brand and need to remember that the way you act in that meeting is a direct representation of your company. Nexba is all about being a young, energetic and fresh brand so I try and emulate those qualities in meetings.

Listen and engage. “Building rapport builds trust between you and the person you’re meeting with. It gives you a clearer understanding of their desired outcomes, which you can align with yours. Supercharge a meeting by knowing the value of engaging with people on a personal level and building rapport.

Step beyond a conversation about the weather. Don’t be afraid to provide small insights into your life as it will ultimately build trust in your working relationship.

Confidence is key. “Don’t be afraid to take control. So many meetings go on tangents. Stay true to the objectives of the meeting and be confident to steer conversation in the right direction, with your meeting goals in mind. A clear agenda will save everyone time.”

Know when to leave. “People especially in small businesses are time poor. If your mutual outcomes have been achieved, acknowledge the success of the meeting and don’t hesitate to end the meeting with clear next steps, which may include setting a date for your next meeting.”

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Nexba is available nationally in Coles and Coles Express.

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Drew B
Drew B