CLEO Column: How To Score a Job on Social Media

by Troy D

CLEO magazine

22 October 2014

Nexba's 'Aussie Boys' Drew Bilbe and Troy Douglas share their career secrets in a regular column for leading young women's magazine CLEO. 

Yes, social media is good for something other than stalking your friends (and, er, your ex). The way you use your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles can actually score you an amazing career. Troy Douglas and Drew Bilbe, co-founders and directors of Nexba Beverages (they’re seriously successful entrepreneurs) share their best social career knowledge with you…

Engage with your faves

Social media is great for following friends, but it’s also great for following, and engaging with potential employers. “If you’re about to go for an interview and the employer can see you’ve already got a relationship with the brand, that’s a huge plus,” explains Troy.

Do your homework

Reasearching a potential employer, or boss, on LinkedIn will give you a great insight into the company ethos and the kind of employee they’re looking for.

“Before going in for that BIG interview or key meeting, we have always benefited from finding that person on LinkedIn. It is an invaluable tool for a quick summary and to give you insight into that person’s career past,” recommends Drew.

“It’ll arm you with tailored and insightful questions during the interview and will make you look proactive and passionate about their business.”

Start a conversation

Engage, engage and then engage some more. Interacting with a brand you’d like to work for will show that you’ve already got a good raport with what they’re offering.

“Don’t be afraid to comment on posts, start conversations on brand pages and engage with them. Brands love when followers get involved in their posts and competitions. It’ll allow you to show that you’re engaging with the brand on a personal level, and might be the thing that makes you stand out from the interview pack,” explains Troy.

“At Nexba, we’ve got a tight-knit team of five people so we’re all quite involved in our Facebook and Instagram accounts. We all know who are regular fans are and find it really awesome building those relationships over social media.”

Be an ambassador

While it’s great to focus on the social accounts of your potential employers, be sure to conduct an audit of your own social media use.

“Companies are often on the lookout for followers who embody their brand. Don’t underestimate the power of your own social media accounts - if you are commenting on a company’s profile chances are they might have checked out your page,” explains Drew.

“So ask yourself: does my page reflect the brand I want to work for? If your image and ethos matches that of a brand you love, that’s a step in the right direction.”

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Troy D
Troy D