Kochie's Business Builders: How to Make the Competition Irrelevant

by Drew B

Kochie's Business Builders, Yahoo!7

23 September 2014

It’s the challenge every small business will face: how can you position your brand uniquely in the market and make the competition irrelevant.

Nexba launched in 2011, and in the last three years we have learnt some valuable lessons, enabling us to grow from a small business run from home, to a company that is stocked in over 3000 outlets. Here, we share insights about how to make your small business rise above the competition and thrive.

Lesson 1: Innovation Is King

As small business one of your greatest assets is a tight-knit team. Unlike big corporations, you have the power to turn around projects in a short timeframe and work directly with your whole team to innovate. Use this to your advantage.

Our focus is to deliver on being The Beverage Innovators, so we’re always looking for ways to add more value to the consumer. To do this, you can’t be afraid to take risks and change the way the game is played.

Involve your team in developing new products, campaigns and strategy and in doing so you’ll create an environment where innovation is king.

Lesson 2: Tell Your Story With Passion

The customer is always looking for something different, unique and intriguing. If you provide this, you can be sure that they will pick up your product over another.

We’ve learnt that if you can present your brand or tell your story in a way that a customer can relate to on an emotional level, you will build genuine brand loyalty.

By personalising your business story, you’ll allow customers to share in your success and growth, and choose to support you over competitors.

Lesson 3: Build Effective Partnerships

One of the most powerful lessons we’ve learnt at Nexba is that partnering with like-minded business can power your growth. We aim to develop these partnerships across a variety of channels, including manufacturing, logistics and branding.

For example, we aligned with two natural beverage companies to form Natural Australian Brands, a partnership which has allowed two potential competitors to support each other’s growth. Partnerships like these enable your business to grow faster, think smarter and rise above the competition.

Nexba is available nationally in Coles supermarkets from November. Follow Nexba Beverages on Linkedin for more small business advice.

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Drew B
Drew B