CLEO Magazine: Five Job Interview Hacks

by Drew B

Avoid awkward convos and nervous stuff-ups with these fool-proof tips from Troy Douglas and Drew Bilbe of Nexba Beverages...

CLEO magazine

16 September 2014

Fact: there are few things in life more nerve-wracking and mind blank-inducing than job interviews. Thankfully there are some professionals who have managed to figure out the key to blitzing your first meeting with a potential employer.

Troy Douglas and Drew Bible took on the multi-billion dollar beverage market with their Nexba Beverages range, and on their way to the top, they learnt how to talk the talk. And they’re sharing their best advice with you…

Prep, prep and more prep

“Prepare. Never enter a meeting without knowing what your ideal outcome is. Before you meet with someone new, ask yourself: what is the best possible outcome from this meeting? How can I get there? Knowing what you want to take away from a meeting is the first step to acing it. It’ll give you structure, purpose and hopefully an extra confidence boost.”

Don’t be scared to get personal

“Step beyond a conversation about the weather. Don’t be afraid to provide small insights into your life. We often feel at work that we have to put up a rigid, professional front, but real relationships are built when we reveal ourselves. We’re not saying that you should be unprofessional, just that you should feel free to loosen up a bit and show them the real you.”

Be alert

“Listen and engage. Building rapport builds trust between you and the person you’re meeting with. It gives you a clearer understanding of their desired outcomes, which you can align with yours."

Research the role

"Supercharge a meeting by asking key questions about the person you’re meeting with, then showing you’ve listened to them when you follow up after the meeting.”

Don’t drag it out

“Know when to leave. Show that you respect people’s time and end a meeting when you’ve both achieved your goals. An easy way to indicate the meeting is coming to an end is to recap some of the key points or outcomes. Don’t hesitate to finish with clear next steps, which may include setting a date for your next meeting.”

Good luck, ladies!

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Drew B
Drew B