The Balancing Act

by Drew B

Bringing a creative idea to life and running a business may seem like two very different ideas for some people, it certainly was for me in the beginning.

When Nexba began, we had so much passion to create a brand that was uniquely fresh and personified how we felt about health and lifestyle. The can design, every ingredient and our message had to be perfect because it was a reflection of us and how people would view ‘The Aussie Boys’ from this point on.

At the same time that our creative juices were flowing, we had to ensure that we were running the business in a sustainable way, financially, legally and from an efficiently stand point.

I found the key to connecting the business side with the creative side was enthusiasm and passion, the willingness to learn and the ability to find solutions to any road blocks in our way. These tools enabled me to find a great balance between being an ‘Owner’ and ‘Founder’ of Nexba.

Finally it’s important to point out my belief that collaborative thinking and listening to others is one of the most important ingredients to ensuring success!

Peace out,


Drew B
Drew B