Liquid Brekkie

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Liquid Brekkie

What is a liquid breakfast? 

Nexba Liquid Brekkie’s are on-the-go nourishment snacks that are perfect for the whole family. Inside our cartons you’ll find real flavour extracts, fibre, protein and calcium for all the natural nourishment you need at any time of the day. Packed into 250ml and 500ml cartons and bottles are our dreamy and creamy sugar free flavours, including Vanilla, Rich Chocolate, Strawberry, Cookies & Cream and Madagascan Vanilla.  

Did you know that the average 250ml Liquid Breakfasts contain a whopping 15.8g of sugar? That’s more than the World Health Organisation’s recommended daily intake in just one snack!  

But don’t panic! Nexba Liquid Brekkie’s are completely sugar free. That’s rightthere’s no sugar at all! And we haven’t swapped our sugars for a bunch of artificial sweeteners either. She’s all natural, baby!  


Does Nexba Liquid Brekkie taste good? 

Our NEW & IMPROVED Nexba Liquid Brekkie’s are now available in-store and at We were proud as punch to create the first on-the-go snack that was entirely free from sugar and artificial ingredients, but unfortunately our first recipe didn’t hit the mark for our Nexba family.  

So back to the drawing board we went. We took a long hard look at all the feedback that we received and started working on a new and improved recipe that our community would love. A year later, we’ve finally cracked the case.  

The result? A New & Improved Nexba Liquid Brekkie formula that’s full of all natural and sugar free ingredients. Not only does our new recipe taste much better (although we’ll let you be the judge of that), but we’ve also added pure flavour extracts and removed all refined oils. 

The New & Improved Nexba Liquid Brekkie’s contain real flavour extracts for flavour that really packs a punch. We add Madagascan Vanilla, Cocoa Powder and strawberries to Nexba Liquid Brekkie’s to create real and natural tastes you know and love. 


Is liquid breakfast good for you? 

While traditional liquid breakfasts are full of sugar and artificial ingredients, Nexba Liquid Brekkie’s are the better-for-you option on the market.  

But are liquid breakfasts good for you? If your tummy’s grumbling come 10am, it might be time for morning tea. If you’re short on time or forgot to pack breakfast, morning tea can come as a lifesaver for busy days. Studies show that eating small, frequent meals can improve your overall health, wellbeing and performance. Packing something nutritious and delicious can give you the perfect mid-morning boost to conquer the rest of the day.  

Enter Nexba Liquid Brekkie’s. Nexba Liquid Brekkie’s are an easy, healthy and delicious pick-me-up snack that are packed full of nutritious and delicious ingredients. Our new & improved Liquid Brekkie’s have the best ingredients in the market that you can enjoy at any time of the day.  

What should I look for in a liquid breakfast? 

If you’re gearing up to go back to school, uni or the office, you’re going to need a packed lunch. Thanks to the rise of meal prepping and the fall of processed foods, we’re becoming more and more aware of what we’re putting into our body. The most cost-effective (and eco-conscious!) way to make sure your everyday meals are packed full of nutrients is to bring lunch from home. But what to look for? 

Unfortunately, some liquid breakfasts on the market are full of sugar and artificial ingredients like refined oils, artificial colours and flavours. In general, artificial ingredients are just that: they’re artificial. They’re made up of chemicals that derive from all kinds of sources.Be wary of labels that say ‘No artificial colours or flavours’, too. The colour and flavour may be natural, but the sweetener is still made from chemicals that your body won’t enjoy. It’s a no from us! Instead look for the magic combination of no artificials, colours, flavours, no refined oilsOR sweeteners. 

That’s where Nexba comes in. Nexba Liquid Brekkie’s contain Milk Protein Concentrate and Milk Fat, which are all-natural milk products full of natural protein and healthy fats. Thanks to the milk content, there is 293mg of Calcium – that’s 37% of your recommended daily intake – in each serve (300mg & 38% of your recommended daily intake in Rich Choc). 

Pair this with a boost of calcium and our Nexba Goodsweet Blend of stevia and erythritol and you have a wholesome, healthy and delicious snack that hits the sweet spot, naturally.